Are you a lover of good fragrances but you’re confused about choosing the right now for you? Or are wondering if you should choose “Eau de parfum” and “Eau de toilette”?

What you should know is in the world of fragrances, the kind of fragrance you choose will determine whether your scent is unique from that of others or not.

Though the difference between “Eau de parfum” and “eau de toilette” is subtle, it can still hold a lot of significance. They both sound sophisticated, but they have unique characteristics that set them apart.

In this post, we’ll focus on looking at the contrast between these two fragrances and guide you on how and when to use them properly to get the best effect.

The essence of fragrance

Can you imagine a world with fragrance? We bet you can’t!

Apart from how good they are, fragrances have a unique way of showing people’s personalities and how they express themselves because central to their allure is the concentration of essential oils they contain.

The oils are made from nature’s finest ingredients that is why they have such a good scent. And the concentration of these oils plays an important role in defining how strong the fragrance will be, and even the character.

The higher the concentration, the more robust and enduring the aroma will be while the lower the concentration, it’ll have a subtle and fleeting scent.

Eau de parfum and Eau de toilette are the two popular types of fragrance we have and they both have their unique characteristics. And even if they have their unique charm, what sets them apart is the essential oil concentration because it influences how potent they are and how long they last on the skin.

Eau de parfum: The rich aroma

The Eau de parfum is abbreviated as EDP, and it is a popular type of fragrance that has a very high concentration of perfume essence. In most cases, the concentration is usually between 15-30%. What this means is that whenever you apply an Eau de parfum, you can expect a rich and more pronounced scent.

Because Eau De Parfum has a higher concentration, it can last on the skin for as long as six to eight hours, which is why they are perfect for events or long days where you want your fragrance to make you stand out.

This type of perfume is used in spray bottles to make it easy to apply on clothes and hair for a lasting scent throughout the day.

Eue de toilette: The light refreshment

Eau De Toilette, on the other hand, is the opposite of Eau De Parfum because it is a lighter version of the fragrance family. The name is derived from the French term “faire sa toilette”, which simply means “to get ready”.

This is because Eau de toilettes are mostly seen as a refreshing touch to one’s grooming routine.

The best way to use this is for short events, daytime wear, or moments when you choose a subtle fragrance note.

It has a perfume essence concentration that is lower than that of EDPs because it offers a lighter and simpler scent. 

They are quite affordable, which is why they tend to be a popular choice among many.

Choosing between eau de parfum and eau de toilette

Before choosing any of these types of fragrances, you know to assess and know which is best for you and what occasion.

Make your choice between eau de parfum and eau de toilette based on your personal taste

However, you should know that Eau de parfum and eau de toilette are important members of the fragrance family and understanding how they’re different will help you make the best choice.

If you want a scent that’ll make everyone notice it and lasts throughout the day, use eau de parfum, but if you’re in the mood for something light, refreshing, and perfect for a quick spritz, an eau de toilette would be the best choice.

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