Ombre Lamar is a brand that was born out of the passion for expression and a love for connecting emotions with the alluring perfumes. What sets us apart is our innovation and the unique blends presented in each one of our signature bottles. Stemming from a foundation of creativity, character and quality, we aim to bring you a new classic line that evokes a synergy between the essence of the London spirit with the beauty of the Arab royal culture.

All of our perfumes are made with absolute oils from our specially selected flowers, creating our signature Ombre Lamar scents.

With a beautiful range of scents available from Ombre Lamar we understand it could be difficult picking the right one for you. We have a quality standard throughout our collection, and for something more unique, why not mix between two and create your own personal Ombre Lamar special.

We would advise you to store the bottle in a cool dark location, away from light and heat to ensure it is not affected by changes in temperature.

Please note that we currently only ship within the mainland UK.

If you have any further questions or a different enquiry, please contact us at info@ombrelamar.com