At Ombré Lamar, we are well aware that a scent is much more than just a fragrance. It is a signature, a memory, and a personal statement, and it is everything. Just as you would not wear a tuxedo to a casual brunch, there is an art to wearing a scent – and it starts with how you apply it. For all the men out there that are looking to make a lasting impression.

Here is a very good and comprehensive guide to help you apply cologne or aftershave with sophistication:

Timing is always everything

Post-Shower Perfection starts with a clean slate. After you are done with the shower the next is the optimal time to apply your scent, as the steam opens up your pores, which will help you to lock in the fragrance. Make sure your skin is very dry but still slightly warm.

Understand the strength of your scent

Ombré Lamar’s luxury oud fragrances are very well and meticulously crafted, mixing unique tones to create a kind of aroma that resonates. Recognizing the strength of your cologne will help guide you on how much you have to apply. A little can go a long way, so you should start with a small amount and add with time based on your personal preference.

Know your pulse points

Knowing your pulse point is very important.

Your body heat plays a very significant role in intensifying your very fragrance. Apply to your pulse points like your wrists, behind your ears, and the base of your throat. All these areas naturally emanate heat, allowing your scent to radiate throughout the day. View our range of oud cologne for men here.

Dab, do not rub

Many people make the mistake of rubbing their wrists together after applying it, which can break down the power of the fragrance and alter its aroma. So Instead of rubbing your wrists, lightly dab or let the fragrance air-dry to preserve its integrity throughout the day or evening. By doing that you can derive maximum satisfaction from it.

Consider your outfit

Clothing can absorb scent and, in turn, release it over time. A spritz on your shirt or jacket can ensure you carry your signature aroma throughout your day. Whenever you move through a crowd or have a one-on-one conversation with anyone, your scent is sure to shine through and leave a very good impression.

Embrace the layering approach

If you wish to reinforce your scent, you should consider using products from the same range. Start with a fragranced body wash, followed by a matching aftershave or lotion, and then the cologne. This layered approach will most definitely give depth to your fragrance and enhance it’s staying power on you.

Store wisely

Your cologne’s lifespan can be significantly impacted and enhanced by how you store it. Keep your bottle away from direct sunlight, temperature variations, and moisture. A cool, dark cupboard or drawer is ideal and will help you get your desired satisfaction.

One enticing thing you should know about Ombré Lamar is that it is not just a fragrance, its symbolic nature has helped to connect different people all over the world, from the contemporary flair of London with the rich tales and culture of the Arab world.

That is why the coppice of cologne or aftershave you apply tells a story that can resonate with others.

Remember, the ethos of Ombré Lamar revolves around the art of mixing tones, which is the reflection of the very art of wearing a scent.

When you reach out for that luxurious bottle, imagine it to be a painting of a beautiful picture or setting that has an awe-inspiring scene. Try out Ombré Lamar to embrace the rich and life-changing, sophisticated world with every application because it is a step towards a more passionate and elegant life that you have imagined and want for yourself.